The Services We Provide    


In short, we study the existing HR processes at your firm. Then we do two things.

For Good Aspects :

We do Employer Branding, so that your employees truly realize the value of what you are doing for them.

For Problem Areas:

We are an unbiased professional aggregator of worldclass HR services, to fit every budget. We objectively analyse, and display various options to solve the problem before you. 

We do not stop at that. We also customize and help you implement the modified HR processes.

In some detail (below):


1. Process Flow Documentation and Diagrams 


Time Frame: 1.5 Months

Fee Quotation: Please contact us 


2. Organizational Structure - Present and Proposed


Time Frame: 1 Month

Fee Quotation: Please contact us 


3. Performance Metrics - Interviewing senior members and building a competency and performance metrics framework for each function. Direction will be to measure progress of work, rather than keeping a check on employees.


Time Frame: 2 Months

Fee Quotation: Please contact us 

4. 5 Year Plans - Based on Market Developments ( Customers and Competitors analysis)


Time Frame: 1 Month

Fee Quotation: Please contact us 


5. HR Policy Manual - Induction process, Leave Policy, Incentive Policy, Promotion Policy, Training Policy etc.


Time Frame: 2.5  Months

Fee Quotation:  Please contact us 


6. Small changes on how to make work more and more enjoyable, without compromising on quality.


Time Frame: Continuous

Fee Quotation: As you wish, based on employee feedback. To be paid within 2 months from date of acceptance of proposed change.


7. Learning and Development 


Time Frame: Continuous


Fee Quotation: A) For training module development and customization - per training.  Please contact us 

B) For Training Coordination: per trainee per training + Overhead (travel etc.). Please contact us 

C) Training delivered by us: per trainee per training + Overhead (travel etc.) - Please contact us 


8. Employer Branding - Internal (marketing to existing employees) and External (marketing to potential candidates and general public)


Time Frame: Continuous


Fee Quotation: A) for an article / blog post

B) for a poster (soft copy)

C) for a video (approx 5 to 10 minutes)

Please contact us 

Please Note: Time Frames are rough estimates for a Startup or New Division of an MNC in India, with around 50 management employees.



+91 999 300 8663



WorClaTra is always looking for passionate professionals  with considerable comfort level in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning , Complexity and Systems Dynamics, to be part of  the team.


Phone: +91-0-999 300 8663

WhatsApp: +919993008663




For not so official updates, please find us on facebook :


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