Prof. Dr. S Pavan Kumar

PhD IIT Kharagpur

Asst. Professor, National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal

The following  highly experienced and qualified professionals advise WorClaTra on difficult problems. They enjoy the joy of being part of discovering new knowledge, in the process of solving practical problems. They have experience in multiple domains, and most have a background in Engineering or Psychology. There are no financial transactions , of any kind whatsoever,  between WorClaTra and the respected Advisory Board Members.


Mr. Venugopalarao Banki

M Tech IIT Kharagpur, Leadership Program IMD Laussane Switzerland

Vice President - Organization Design & Productivity, ACC Limited, Mumbai

Advisory Board Members

Prof. Dr. Damodar Suar

Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 


+91 999 300 8663



WorClaTra is always looking for passionate professionals  with considerable comfort level in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning , Complexity and Systems Dynamics, to be part of  the team.


Phone: +91-0-999 300 8663

WhatsApp: +919993008663




For not so official updates, please find us on facebook :


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