Interested in doing Basic Research in HR?


* We are also looking for sincere first class MBA - HR graduates to join our team for field work. An ideal candidate should be very keenly interested in research . Candidates may please send their CVs to the above email id. We will reply to each query withing 72 hours, mostly via email, if the profile is found suitable.


There are no paid internships available at the moment. Although expenses during  interns' Field visits will be paid for by WorClaTra.

Please contact : 


Shivom Chakravarty

B E (Mining Engg.) NITK Surathkal, M Tech (HR) IIT Kharagpur





Phone: +91 999 300 8663

WhatsApp: +919993008663

Skype: shivom.research


+91 999 300 8663



WorClaTra is always looking for passionate professionals  with considerable comfort level in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning , Complexity and Systems Dynamics, to be part of  the team.


Phone: +91-0-999 300 8663

WhatsApp: +919993008663




For not so official updates, please find us on facebook :


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